Ideal Pods
Standard Pod

The composite specification on each panel:

  • The dome panels are constructed in Poly ester and stitched glass fabrics with a high density 20mm Poly Urethane foam core and a high gloss exterior gelcoat finish.

  • Gelcoat colours can be made to order.

  • The laminate is a typical sandwich construction comprising of an inner and outer fibreglass skin with a foam core in the middle.

  • The panels are lightweight yet structurally stiff and strong.

  • A standard dome has very high form stiffness and a low wind coefficient.

  • All units are 100% watertight once assembled.

  • Units can be easily assembled by 2 or 3 people.

  • The parts are all vacuum infused into female moulds ensuring optimum weight and glass to resin ratios.

The foam core has a high thermal and sound coefficient. No extra insulation is required for colder climates as the parts are manufactured in one process with the insulation included.

std pod 1

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